Issue #11 Q3 2006: Released 26.Sep.06
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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...Latest Intel Reveals...
New airsoft products, cool stuff, rumors, etc.

AO: Area of Operation
Been hearing all the crap we did?  Find out the
truth about
Orchid Bay Airsoft Arena

2006 ASH BASH California
Hawaii's monster Op finally comes stateside and
we lived to tell about it!

Buyer Beware
The truth about

U.S. Airsoft Expo 2006
Did ya miss it?  Get all the goodies on who was
there, what they had and who flaked.

Spot Check
Find out why Dusty ain't too happy with

Primary Objective
The RPG-7 build - 'nuff said!
Meet Mirage

Close Quarters
Get all the juicy details behind the scenes of

The Armory
King Arms' SVD (Dragonov)
G&P's M635 Sub-machine gun

Explosive Ordinance
Escort's M18A1 Claymore
SuperCell's ASC7 Remote Claymore
Gamma's M33 Claymore w/Remote

Metal Gear Up Your Arse-nal
The finalists are in.  Now it's up to you to
pick the winners!

The Dossier
Washington State's Desert Rats

Sgt. Pecker
A plea to airsoft idiots across the nation...and
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